How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in San Antonio?

Move in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio was considered one of the fastest growing cities in the United States between 2000 to 2010. It has a current population of about 1,400,000 residents. These numbers mean that San Antonio ranks as number seven in the most populous cities in the US and the second largest in the state []

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Luxury House Hacking: How to Have Your Cash Flow, Equity Appreciation-and Live for (Almost) Free, Too


For me, luxury house hacking produces the same income but with much less headache than owning a multifamily-all while providing a high-end lifestyle.

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What Does Contingent With No Kick-Out Mean? A Clause That Affects Your Offer

What Does Contingent With No Kick-Out Mean? A Clause That Affects Your Offer


Contingent with no kick-out is one of those real estate clausesthat can be attached to a buyer’soffer on a house. Like active or sale pending status, a house marked with this clause can give buyers a sense ofwhether or not the house has received an offer and how close sellers might be to closing the deal.

It’s uncommon (but not unheard of) for buyers to put an offer on a house that’s pending, sois it worth your time and energy to make an offer on a house whosestatus is contingent with no kick-out?

Let’s analyze this clause to figure out if-and how-this might affect you as a buyer.

What does contingent with no kick-out mean?

In a nutshell, contingent with no kick-out means an offer has been acceptedon the house andthe seller cannot accept another buyer’s offer unless certain requirementsare not satisfied.

The term contingent means the sale dependson something else happening, explainsKyle White, an agent with RE/MAX Advantage Plus in Minneapolis. The second part of this, no kick-out, means that a seller cannot kick the buyer out of the contract and accept another offer unless there’s proof the contingencies will not be met.

What contingencies count?

Contingencies canbe anything from the results of a home inspection to a short sale contingency, where the buyer and seller are waiting for the seller’s lender’s approval, which can take three to six months or more, saysJohn Kantorski, a Realtor with Cummings & Co. in Baltimore, MD.

Often, the contingency will be the sale of another home, says White. Buyers will make an offer on a home with the contingency that they have to sell their own house first. The seller accepts that offer, specifies a period of time during which the other house must be sold, and says that they won’t accept any other offers, even if they are better. Once the timeframe expires, the seller can put the house back on the market.

When would a contingent with no kick-out clause be used?

Thisclauseis most commonly used in slower markets where sellers have less power, White says.

They will be hesitant to accept an offer with no kick-out if the market is hot, because it’s a gamble for sellers, who are making a bet that their house will not get a better offer.

Should you make an offer anyway?

White usually advises buyers to pass on making an offer on a home whose status is contingent with no kick-out.

I don’t want to waste a buyer’s time or have them fall in love with a home, if there’s a good chance it won’t be available, he says. You can still keep an eye on it, he says, but in his experience, a majority of homes labeledcontingent with no kick-out don’t go back on the market.

Deirdre Woollard contributed to this story.

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8 Ways Finding the Right Roommate Can Save You Money

Finding the Right Roommate

If you thought having a roommate was just for college kids, think again – many young adults are choosing to have a roommate to save some money on living expenses. It goes beyond just rent, and if you’re hoping to live in a popular, high-rent city, having a roommate can definitely improve your chances of []

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Barns With Serious Style: 9 ‘Barndominiums’ Worth Bragging About


Barndominiums-metal buildings modified toinclude living quarters plus a barn, kennel, or office-continue to build a big audience

We sawthe Texas-style living quarters gainnational noticein 2015, thanks in part to theHGTV phenomenon ofFixer Upper. Renovation duoChip and Joanna Gaines transformed a barn into a residence and dubbed it a barndominium. From there, interest in the rustic residences skyrocketed.

These structures have severalthings in common:They are multipurpose, rural, and extra-durable. And given their industrial-style shells, they tend toresemble glorified sheds rather than conventional tract homes.

Despite (or because of) the look, the craze continues unabated, and we’ve spotted nine feature-worthy listings on the market. And in a tantalizing twist, the multipurpose structures have beenmigrating farther afield. Ourlist evenincludes a propertyoutside the Lone Star State, in Arkansas.

Saddle upto do some barnstorming of nine barndominiums you can buyright now.

2843 Dinges Ln, Bellville, TX

Price: $875,000

Barn-tastic because: From pond to pool, indoor sunroom to covered porches, this barndominium comes with almost 31 acres of pasture, space, and storage.

Bellville, TX
Bellville, TX

17108 County Road 473, Somerville, TX

Price: $475,000

Barn-tastic because: Here’s your hunting lodge. The 800-square-foot buildingsits on nearly35 acres and hasa shop space with mezzanine storage. The wooded land has mature oaks, a pond, a hunting spot with game feeder, and a two-person hunting blind.

 Somerville, TX
Somerville, TX

9733 Highway 190, Livingston, TX

Price: $199,900

Barn-tastic because:This former restaurant presentsall kinds of possibilities! The open living spaceincludes a commercial kitchen with amenities such as a large vent hood, an order window, and a barbecue smoking porch. It’s perfect for weekend retreats or as anevent space.

Livingston, TX
Livingston, TX

173 County Road 346, La Vernia, TX

Price: $275,000

Barn-tastic because: This cute, compact one-bedroom, one-bath home is move-in ready, for both you and your horses. Along with the master bedroom and a modern kitchen, there’s a two-stall barn, connecting paddock, tack room, hay barn, and workshop.

 La Vernia TX
La Vernia TX

4886 Highway 126 N, Gassville, AR

Price: $369,000

Barn-tastic because: It’s luxury living for horses and their people, the listing states. The property includes a 3,330-square-foot barndominium with two beds, one bath, a large living area, and a kitchen. There’s alsoa stable with six stalls, office, tack room, washing station, and parking.

Gassville, AR
Gassville, AR

28399 Highway 6, Hempstead, TX

Price: $565,000

Barn-tastic because: Say hello to country living on 27 acres, barndominium-style. The building has 2.5 baths,two beds (including a master suite with french doors that opento a patio), and an open living and dining area with fireplace and kitchen. The barn includes concrete flooring and a tack room.

Hempstead, TX
Hempstead, TX

4430 N US Highway 287, Alvord, TX

Price: $299,000

Barn-tastic because: This 7.65-acre property comes witha two-bedroom, one-bath barndominium with vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. There’s alsoa 15-stall barn, indoor pen, air-conditioned bonus room, and separate guesthouse.

Alvord, TX
Alvord, TX

737 County Road 175, Whitesboro, TX

Price: $560,000

Barn-tastic because: The remodeled structureis perfectly situated among secluded oaks at the rear of the property. The 3,776-square-foot space includes three bedrooms and an updated kitchen. There’s also a separate guesthouse and an attached outbuilding withthree roll-up doors plus storage space.

Whitesboro, TX
Whitesboro, TX

12 5 Ac County Road 323, La Vernia, TX

Price: $449,900

Barn-tastic because:This12.56-acre property comes with aguest cottage and a two-story main housewith a vaulted ceiling and wood trusses. Floors are stained concrete, and the kitchen featuresgranite counters.

La Vernia, TX
La Vernia, TX

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Buildium awards $5K in scholarships to next generation of female STEM leaders

Buildium Awards $5K in STEM Scholarships | Buildium

What inspires us here at Buildium? The next generation of female STEM leaders!

One of Buildium’s six core values is, Be helpful and supportive. We do our very best to embody this value every day: from assisting our customers with our award-winning service, to how we treat each other here in the office, and how we spend our time and money within the community.

Another way in which we proudly live out this value is through our STEM scholarships program, which gives $10,000 to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students each year.

To apply for our two STEM scholarships, Build U. and Women in Technology, students are asked to craft an essay in response to a prompt. The winning essayists each receive $2500 to put toward their education. Applicants are limited to STEM students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs in the U.S. and Canada. An internal reading committee reviews each essay and chooses a winner based on how clearly, thoughtfully, and eloquently the entrant answered the question.

We received a record number of essays this semester; so after much deliberation, we’re happy to announce the two most recent winners of our STEM scholarships!

Build U. Spring 2017 Winner:

Kaia Arthur, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Class of 2018

Build U. applicants answered the question, Which company do you admire that exemplifies one or more of Buildium’s six core values? They’re free to discuss any of our core values:

  • Focus on customers first
  • Be helpful and supportive
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Be nimble and flexible
  • Take initiative and work hard
  • Be passionate and have fun

Kaia chose to write about ThredUP, an online fashion resale platform that provides conscious consumers with affordable, on-trend clothing. As a ThredUP customer, Kaia has experienced first-hand how ThredUP focuses on customers first in each evolution of its rapidly expanding retail business. Kaia explains that as the facilitator of a resale marketplace, ThredUP prioritizes the needs of both its sellers and customers through its careful curation of fashion-forward clothing at affordable prices, as well as its convenient shopping and selling experiences.

In her essay, Kaia explained how ThredUP has stayed true to this core value:

Each of ThredUP’s company values-StyleUp, SaveUp, and LiveUp-reflects a customer need that the company strives to meet. Thousands of new customers visit ThredUP each month because ThredUP’s values reflect their own. Even as ThredUP has grown from a small startup to a leading resale marketplace, its customer-first values are still as clear today as they were when I placed my first ThredUP order.

We also asked Kaia to tell us which aspect of the industry she’s most excited about:

The most exciting aspect of studying and working in STEM is the opportunity to continue broadening access to technology. We have more access today than ever before to tools and information that have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for many people. By pursuing a STEM career, I hope to be a part of finding practical, meaningful ways to apply technology to improving higher education, health care, or nonprofit social services.

Women in Technology Spring 2017 Winner:

Jordan Harris, Northwestern University, Class of 2018

Women in Technology applicants were asked, Which female leader in STEM most inspires you to pursue your dreams, and why?

Jordan wrote an inspiring essay about Feyi Olopade Ayodele, the CEO of CancerIQ, a healthcare startup that focuses on cancer risk assessment.

In her essay, Jordan explains what makes Feyi such an inspiring role model:

I’m inspired by Feyi’s ability to maintain an individualized and people-oriented approach in the healthcare industry, especially as the field progresses into a streamlined and business-focused model rather than prioritizing the patient. Given my interest in the healthcare field and my identity as an African-American woman, Feyi Olopade Ayodele is someone I aspire to be like. In addition to her knowledge about business, her expansive skill set, and her ability to execute and implement ideas, she has increased minority representation in a highly competitive field. Seeing a professional such as Feyi experience success at an executive level significantly impacts my self-confidence and ambitions as a woman of color looking to enter the healthcare industry. Her success in a highly competitive and selective field inspires me to continue challenging myself in order to achieve my greatest potential.

When asked what our scholarship means for her education, Jordan said:

I plan on using the Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship to help pay tuition for my final year at Northwestern University. This scholarship will allow me to continue pursuing my career goal of closing economic and social gaps in healthcare while easing the financial burden [of college] on my parents.

On behalf of the entire Buildium team, we congratulate Kaia and Jordan! We wish you nothing but the best in your careers. We also want to thank the hundreds of other impressive students who applied to our STEM scholarships-you continue to inspire us. Keep up the great work!

Buildium awards $5k to deserving scholarship winners: Find out who won on the #BuildiumBlog!

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You can apply for Buildium’s next round of STEM scholarships between October 1 and November 1, 2017. Be sure to watch the Build U. and Women in Technology pages for more information as the application period approaches.

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