What Is a Loggia? Way Nicer Than a Porch or Patio-Here’s Why

what is a loggia?


What is a loggia? The Italian word for lodge, loggiais a covered spacerunning along the length of a building similar to a porch, but withcolumns or arches on the openside.

Loggias have been incorporated intopalaces, museums, and other grandbuildingsfor thousands of years, particularly in Italy, Greece, and Spain. But this architectural feature can also be foundin the U.S., particularly where the weather is usually warm, like in the Southern and Western states.

While loggiasare often found on large public buildings, theyare a luxuriousaddition to residential properties. Here’s what you might want to consider if you’re thinking of buying a home with one, oradding one to your existing house.

Photo by Giffin & Crane General Contractors Inc.

Benefits of a loggia

It’s entirely understandable why loggias havewithstood the test of time and remainpopular to this day: They let the outdoors in, expanding livable space. Plus, curvy arches and tall columns make ahome with a loggia seemmore dramatic than one with a plain old porch or patio.

A loggia definitely improves the quality of your outdoor life and can add elegance to a home, notes Cedric Stewart, a real estate agent in theEntourage Residential Group at Keller Williams Capital Properties, in Washington, DC.

Photo by John Kraemer & Sons

A loggia also offers protectionfrom sun andrain and more. As such,there’s no need for a patio umbrella, and outdoor furniture and other accessories will stay in good conditionlonger without constant exposure to the elements.

Loggia decor

Photo by John Kraemer & Sons

Of course, a loggia’s open arches will still expose you to Mother Nature,so choose furniturewisely. Sturdy pieces made of rust-resistant wrought iron are smart here. Or if a more casual vibe matches your style, acrylic or recycled plastic are othergoodoptions. Top these seats with weatherproof outdoor fabrics made for patios and pool decks.

Loggias often havea more formal feelthan a screened porch or patio, so you’ll want to choose decorthat fits the bill.Need inspiration? You mightriff on a Mediterranean theme, since loggias are Italian in origin, which can mean colors that evoke the ocean or countryside, bright rustic wall tiles, and burnished metal accessories.

Drawbacks of a loggia

Photo by Colonial Homecrafters Ltd.

Unlike a sunroom, which is completely enclosed, loggias do require fairlygood weather to be enjoyed. Even with the roof above, wind and rain can sneak through the open side; plus you’ll have to keep up with sweeping leaves and dirt that blow in.

Loggias can also be expensive to install, as columns and arches are usually custom jobs.

If you put one in after purchasing your home, you probably can’t expect to recoup the investment dollar for dollar, explains Stewart. Additionally, a loggia may narrow the pool of buyers interested in your home, which could lead to more days on the market.

However, if you love the idea of an expansive, Italian-style outdoor corridor, a loggia is just the ticket. See it as a way of extending a home’sliving space-and a way to transport your mindto the sunnyshores of the Mediterranean just by walking right outyour door.

Photo byDHD Architecture and Interior Design

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