The Property Brothers Reveal 5 Home Decor Nightmares Everyone Needs to Avoid

Crowded foyer


Reality TV starsJonathan and Drew Scotthave seen their share of homes in sorrystates, yet the house they visit inthe latest episode of Property Brothers: Buying &Selling hasit all-that is, all of the very worsthome features under one roof!

In the episode East vs. West, the Scott brothers meetChandraandDan,who havemade some curious design choices in their starter home. Plus, with two young kids in the picture now, they desperatelyneed a new house with more space.But before they can embark on their house hunt, they have to gettheir current placein selling shape. And that means purgingall theno-nos in their home that could seriously kill their sale.

So what, exactly, are this home’s mostoffending features? Check ’em out below, and make sure your ownabode isn’t guilty as charged, too.

Before the renovation
Before: Clutter greets guests when they enter the home.


1. A clutteredfoyer

When Drew and Jonathan meet the family forthe first time, they walk into a narrow, cluttered entry hall full of bags, clothes, and kids’ stuff. Drew gentlychastises them, explaining that homeownerssay alot about theirhouse by what greets guestsbehind the front door.

All you’re saying in this house is ‘There’s no storage, there’s no room,’ he tells them. It all makes the house appear much smaller than it really is.

2. Mirrored walls

The mirrored walls may work for Jonathan, but not for potential buyers.
The mirrored walls mightwork for Jonathan, but not for potential buyers.


Dan and Chandra thought that a mirrored wall would make the small home look more spacious, but not so, according to Jonathan.

It makes it feel like an ’80s dance hall, he says, as he strikesa pose in the mirror. He usually likes full-length mirrors, he says, but these mirrors have got to go!

3. Wall-to-wall carpeting

In case you were wondering, wall-to-wall carpeting is really, really over.

Nobody today is looking for wall-to-wall carpet, Jonathan states. Especially wall-to-wall carpet that has a decade’s worth of mysteries in it.

4. Popcorn ceilings

OK, by now we all know that popcorn ceilings have been out for several decades and that their removal is tricky. But were you aware that, as you take them down, they might reveal problems with the ceiling, or, god forbid, the roof?

As Jonathan removes the molding along the ceiling, he finds that the nails holding it in place are rusted.

Rust means moisture, he says as he climbs into the attic to find out if there’s a leak. If there is, it could add thousands of dollars to the couple’s $50,000 renovation budget.

Everyone holds their breath as Jonathan crawls around the attic. He’s relieved to find that the previous owners had simply piled great chunks of insulation up there, thinking that it would keep the heat from rising through the roof. But the insulation also blocked the vents, so the warm, moist heat rose and had nowhere to go. Fortunately,Jonathan can easily remedy this problemby removing theinsulation.

5. Loud wallpaper

That wallpaper though...
That wallpaper though


There is some seriously loud wallpaper in the living room that practically makes the Scotts’ eyes water.

It looks like you have petri dishes sitting on doilies, Jonathan says of thebusy, blue circular pattern.

It’s designer wallpaper, Chandra says in protest.

Just because you paid a lot of money for it doesn’t mean it’s the best for the space, Jonathan responds. Thenshe confesses that she found it in overstock, but she really likes it.

I don’t care what you like, Jonathan replies. I care what buyers like, because if buyers like it, it’s going to get you a higher dollar amount, and it’s going to sell faster.

Jonathan might be right, but itcertainly doesn’t win him many warm-and-fuzzy vibes from Chandra, who whispersto her husband:Drew is nicer.

After the renovation
After:A sleek and clutter-free dining area


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