‘Flip or Flop’: Does Tarek Really Need Christina After All?

How does Tarek react when Christina takes a powder?


Even though Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s marital relationship crashed and burned (and burned, and then burned some more), in Season 7 of Flip or Flop, they’ve been able to prove that their professional relationship has survived and even thrived. They may not be lovey-dovey, but boy can these twostill flip houses!

Yetin the episode called Post Purchase Problems, Christina once againsteps out on Tarek or at least on the three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,529-square-foot house they’re renovating in Anaheim, CA.

Business is booming, and right now, we have so many flips going, I don’t have time to design them all, Christina saysafter they’ve purchased the house for $340,000. So I decided to let Tarek take the lead in the design.

Christina breaks the news to Tarek that he's on his own for this project
Christina breaks the news to Tarek that he’s on his own for this project.


Christina does stick around long enough to consult on the floor plan, and pops in on occasion to check his progress, but for the most part she’s outta there. Gulp.

Can Tarek handle designon his own? Somehow, Tarek muddles through and learns plenty along the way. Here are his takeaways-and tips, which you can put to use in your own place too.

Kitchen islands: The bigger, the better!

It’s Tarek’s idea to build a big island and put the stove in it. This will require the costly moving of gas lines, to the tune of a couple thousand dollars. But Christina approves of the expense. Kitchens sell houses, she says before she checks out.

When in doubt on a design, get a second opinion

While Tarek is confident on his own, he still feels he needs a little help with picking out the tile, flooring, and countertops. So when he goes to the showroom, he takes along the other design expert in the family, his 6-year-old daughter Taylor. She proves to have surprisingly good taste. This is going to look like the best house that I’ve ever designed! she giggles.

But she proves she’s got the right stuff. When Christina sees Taylor’s black-and-white patterned choice for a bathroom floor, she says she has a sample of the exact same tile at home, and was planning on using it the first chance she got. Way to go, Taylor! And Tarek for realizing your little girl hassuch greataesthetics.

The right color can make or break the home

Since Christina is notorious for a gray-and-white palette, Tarek decides to break out and use a little color-olive green, to be precise. Only problem is, he’s a little too stingy with it. He uses it exclusively on the kitchen island, making it stick out like a sorethumb, especially with the butcher-block top, which doesn’t exactly mesh with thekitchen’s other smooth white countertops.

You’ve got a hippyish vibe going here, and the rest of the house is super-modern. It’s not really matching it looks like a piece of furniture, Christina complains when she returns. But she adds that maybe they can tie in the green with the right staging-using plants, for example.

Tarek's olive green island with the butcher block top doesn't exactly mesh with the home's super modern vibe.
Tarek’s olive green island with the butcher-block top doesn’t exactly mesh with the home’s modern vibe.


Paint the door a bold color

Tarek also opts to paint the front door olive green too, so that as potential buyers walk in and see the olive island, it flows together from the get-go.Christina, surprisingly enough, approves.

Tarek decides to paint the door olive green, so the color will flow better through the house.
Tarek paintsthe door olive greento match the kitchen island.


How does it end?

When all is said and done, Tarek couldn’t be prouder. This is the best we’ve ever done! he crows.

Top 30, admitsChristina drily, adding, It looks very cute.

Potential buyersthink that it’s more than cute, and especially love thetouches of greenthat make this house stand out in a sea of neutral homes. Within one week, Tarek and Christina get a full price offer on the house for $550,000. That’s a good thing, because they had to spend $100,000on renovations, and by the time they’re done with staging and closing costs, they’ll be in it for $455,000.

But that’s a $95,000 profit, which is outstanding for just about any flippers, even aces likeTarek and Christina.

All of which suggests that Christina had better watch out-Tarek could be fully capable ofdoing a whole lot more on his own than she might think.

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