Cabinet Refacing Made Easy: Simple Tips to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Cabinet Refacing Made Easy: Simple Tips to Liven Up Your Kitchen


When it comes to wooden kitchen cabinets that have become faded, discolored, or scratched, beauty (and value) is in the eye of the beholder. While their unattractive surfaces might makesome people want to replace them outright, others see their potential and consider the far cheaper option of cabinet refacing instead.

Cabinet refacing basically means you keep the cabinets you’ve got, but you cover any surface you see-sides, tops, and bottoms of the cabinets-with a1/8-inch-thick wood or laminate veneer. After a few cosmetic touches, your cabinets look like new ata fraction of the cost it would take to replace them completely.

Cost ofcabinet refacing

Professionally refaced cabinets in a 10-by-12-foot kitchen cost $1,000 to $9,000 depending on the refacing material you use, according toHouseLogic. Replacing them outrightcan range from $4,000 to $20,000.

Refacing is easy and beautiful, says Halina Hofmann, a contractor and a real estate agent for Level Group, in Manhattan. If the cabinets are in great condition, they can be refaced. It’s waycheaper than installing new ones.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is also generallyfasterthan replacing them; the whole process shouldn’t take more than a week.

Unfortunately, not every cabinet is a candidate for refacing. If cabinet boxes are warped, rotted, or falling apart at the seams, then refacing will throw good money after bad.

Butmost cabinets aren’t falling apart-they just need a face-lift and then they’re good to go.

Types of cabinetrefacing materials

First things first: You’ll haveto select which styleand materialyou want for your new cabinets. Here are thetop options:

  • Laminate: Hard, plastic sheets that don’t mold easily and are good for simple-line cabinet designs.
  • Rigid thermofoils (RTFs): Pressure-molded vinyl foil that’s malleable and good for more detailed designs.
  • Wood veneer: Real, ultrathin wood that sticks to cabinets.

You can match the existing finish or give cabinets an entirely new look. You can reface oak cabinets with cherry veneers, or banish those avocado-colored cabinets forever with a white reface.

How to reface cabinets

Refacing is best left to professionals, but if you feel confident in your construction skills, here’s how you do it.

Step No. 1: Draw a diagram of your kitchen cabinets.

Measure the cabinets carefully, including base cabinets and drawers.

Draw a diagram.
Draw a diagram of kitchen cabinets.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

Step No. 2: Remove and clean the doors

Take the cabinet doors off their hinges and clean the cabinet faces to remove grease and grime.

remove doors
Remove doors.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

Step No. 3: Sand the cabinets.

Buffcabinets with 150-grit sandpaper, which will help the veneers adhere. Wipe off the sawdust.

Scuff cabinet.
Scuff up the cabinet.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

Step No. 4: Cut the veneer.

Leaving an overhang that’s a half-inch wide and 2 inches long, cut the veneer to the size of the cabinet.

Cut the veneer.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

Step No. 5: Adhere the veneer to the cabinets.

Apply glue, if needed, and press on the veneer. If using a self-adhesive veneer, align the veneer with the cabinets, slowly peel away the backing, and press the veneer to the cabinet as you peel.

Press on refacing.
Press on refacing.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

Step No. 6: Installthe cabinet doors.

Hang the doors with new hinges that you align, if possible, with the old holes, or drill new holes. Install knobs and pulls.

Reinstall the doors.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

And there you have it-cabinets thathave the appearance of being brand-new.

refaced cabinets
This is what the kitchen looks like with refaced cabinets.

“Showplace Renew”/ YouTube

To learn more, watchthe video below from Showplace Renew.

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