This week in property management news: June 5, 2017

property management news

Landlords suing Seattle over law involving tenant move-in fees; Residents seek apartments that fit their new do it all lifestyle; Top 15 cities for apartment construction; Green walls design trend hitting the apartment market; And, Buildium releases 2017 property owner report.

Landlords file suit against Seattle over tenant move-in fees

Seattle landlords are filing a suit again the city over a new law that allows tenants to pay move-in fees over time.

Residents seeking apartmentsthat fit the do it all lifestyle

The new live-work-play lifestyle is becoming more popular for tenants. Multifamily Executive Magazine discusses how those in the industry are adapting in order to appeal to this lifestyle.

Top 15 cities for apartment construction

National Real Estate Investor provides a list of the top 15 U.S. cities for apartment building construction.

The new apartment lobby trend: Green walls

The emerging green wall trend, which has been popular in restaurants, hotels, etc., is hitting the apartment industry. The New York Times shares how some apartment buildings are using the design trend in their lobbies.

Buildium releases new 2017 property owner perspectives report

After surveying nearly 700 property owners, Buildium shares their findings in their new 2017 Property Owners Perspectives Report.

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